The Inside Secret to Why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work!

Some people believe that network marketing really doesn’t
work. To put it lightly, they’re WRONG. I am going to take
the next few minutes to explain to you why network marketing
will always work so that the next time someone takes the
time to tell you that network marketing doesn’t work you
explain to them how misinformed they truly are.

Here is why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work:

Even in a strong economy people will ALWAYS need
supplemental income:

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Count down to Orlando and the No Excuses Summit 6 Figure Workshop

OMG, a little more than 30 days from now…

I’ll be in Orlando, FL with home business industry leaders Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, Raymond Fong and Fernando “Ferny” Ceballos attending the NES 6 Figure Workshop.  This was a great offer put together by Ray & Ferny for No Excuses Summit 4 attendees to commemorate their partnership with Magnetic Sponsoring.

As part of the course, we received a year’s membership in Magnetic Sponsoring’s new 100% commission product, Elite Marketing Pro.  This is awesome, a one-stop shop for everything you need to know to succeed online building your business – no need to buy yet another course.  Everything all in one place, from proven marketers. Continue reading “Count down to Orlando and the No Excuses Summit 6 Figure Workshop” »

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Video Conversion Formula Workshop – Ticket (check), Air (check)…

So last week I attended Maria Andros’ webinar put on by Magnetic Sponsoring. It was awesome and provided rich content, more on the details later. I’ve been wanting to do more video in my business but something always got in the way just before clicking “upload”.

The offer to participate in the Video Conversion Formula 3 month coaching program and as a bonus for a lucky 20 attend an intimate workshop in Vegas next month to get my own video professionally produced by Maria’s video people was too good to pass up. The saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” – apparently I was ready and there was Maria.
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Inventing Possibilities

I spent the previous 3 days participating in the Landmark Forum. To say the experience was powerful and transformative is a big understatement. I went to the forum to gain the confidence to ask for business. I learned this is called a registration conversation.

We also learned to enroll others in the possibility we’ve invented for ourself. Let me know in your comments if you are enrolled in my possibilities.

I discovered that I’ve been inauthentic in my interactions with others as I was believing “my story” that everybody leaves was reality (aka what really happened). Continue reading “Inventing Possibilities” »

No Excuses 3 Summit Review and Bonuses

No Excuses Summit 3 is the much awaited yearly event in the Internet Marketing industry since it began in 2010 at the Venetian Hotel. In 2011 it was held in Palms Las Vegas. The third and highly anticipated No Excuses Summit will be at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, a $3.9 billion luxury hotel and casino on April 20 to 22, 2012. Continue reading “No Excuses 3 Summit Review and Bonuses” »

Why should I trust you?

My mentor Daegan just sent me this …


Just yesterday while checking emails I
got asked:

“Why should I trust you?”

A few minutes later, a message came in
from a person so hungry to change their
life that they were willing to put their
house on the line to work with me.

Not 30 minutes later …

I got a message from someone who was, at
a time working 1 on 1 with who decided
to give up (in my opinion) a little too
soon, only to tell me about, you guess
it …
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What invisible factors determine whether training is effective?

What should I consider when creating a video or webinar with educational content?

Does my audience have any limiting and enabling beliefs when they watch/read my content? blind-spot

What are the personal aspirations of each person?

To what extent will the new behaviors and skills gained from the content enable them to achieve more of what they want in their lives and work?

Does my topic resonate with the audience? Do they perceive it to be important, relevant and significant?
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What is NLP? Why should I care?

What is NLP – some clarification…?

1) NLP is the study of excellence – what knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions are evidenced by those who have achieved success in a specific area.  NLP involves thinking strategically; consider the following strategic thinking competencies:

  • systems perspective – consideration of relationships, context and quality rather than objects, objective and quantity
  • intent focused – knowing your outcome and not being distracted from that outcome
  • thinking in time – holding past, present, and future in mind when making decisions
  • hypothesis driven – scientific method incorporating both creative and critical thinking
  • intelligent opportunism – being responsive to good opportunities

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