Inventing Possibilities

I spent the previous 3 days participating in the Landmark Forum. To say the experience was powerful and transformative is a big understatement. I went to the forum to gain the confidence to ask for business. I learned this is called a registration conversation.

We also learned to enroll others in the possibility we’ve invented for ourself. Let me know in your comments if you are enrolled in my possibilities.

I discovered that I’ve been inauthentic in my interactions with others as I was believing “my story” that everybody leaves was reality (aka what really happened). What really happened was my dad divorced my mom when i was and left me at age 6 when he remarried. I’ve been projecting my story onto most of the people I come in contact with for more than 30 years. I’ve been keeping everyone at arms length so they never had the opportunity to leave me. This has cost me the possibility of real and lasting relationships. This has cost others the opportunity to know me and live me.

The possibility I have invented for myself and my life is to BE open and trusting. To let people in and truly know me and trust that they won’t leave me and if they do then they do. So what?

We were asked to take a stand for BEING something powerful until our completion evening on Tuesday night (tomorrow). I am a stand for being PRESENT in each moment as it occurs to me. This is a big challenge for me as one of my strong suits was that I had to be smart (a know it all) to succeed. I ask that my friends and subscribers support me in my new possibility.


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