What invisible factors determine whether training is effective?

What should I consider when creating a video or webinar with educational content?

Does my audience have any limiting and enabling beliefs when they watch/read my content? blind-spot

What are the personal aspirations of each person?

To what extent will the new behaviors and skills gained from the content enable them to achieve more of what they want in their lives and work?

Does my topic resonate with the audience? Do they perceive it to be important, relevant and significant?

Do I create a sense of community around my content? Do I allow the viewer/reader to feel accepted, heard and included? Do I make them a part of a greater community of practice?
Do I create a rapport with my viewer/reader fostering a sense of trust? Do they know that I hear their concerns, see their challenges, care about them? Do they see me as an authority?

Does my content resonate with the viewer/reader’s other priorities and people in their life? Are they given the opportunity to resolve an incongruency in relation to the content and how they see themselves?

Does the content presented align with their beliefs and values? Can they see themselves in the results or outcomes? Does the solution offered fit into their map of the world or are they willing to consider expanding their map of reality?

Do I provide a safe environment where people feel free to engage completely and honestly or they will withdraw and go through the motions?

Is each viewer/reader able to be present in the moment? For example, do I provide an alternative time or recording of the webinar in case someone is distracted by what else is happening in their life, their concerns about work, the number of parallel projects on their mind?

What physical environment is needed to participate and engage in the content? Do they need a quiet room free of distractions? Do they need a headset with a microphone to interact verbally? Do they need headphones only? Do they have any software downloaded or installed? Are they on the proper equipment to connect to the internet? Does your content require flash or is it compatible with mac/iPhone/iPad devices? Do they have the time set aside for the content?

Ultimately the answers to these questions will determine whether they will or will not be able to benefit from what’s presented in the content.

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