Events are life changing

You have to do whatever it takes.  90% of your success is based on the action you take day to day.  Show up as the leader you are to attract other leaders to your team.

Here’s some takeaways from the last 2 days in Vegas:

  • Focus on your dreams and take action to realize them
  • Qualify your prospects
  • Focus on one thing at a time…until you succeed
  • It’s someone’s dream to be where I am today
  • Learn from mentors and put learning into practice
  • Success = Heart + Effort
  • Tell yourself daily “I am a successful multi-million dollar earner with a dynamic, productive, fun team that’s one big family”
  • “If your WHY doesn’t make you cry, it’s not big enough” – Tamia Bethea
  • To join my business you must be coach able & teachable
  • Thank God
  • Keep focused, stay in the race
  • Be a model of health (3 types: physical, financial, and emotional = true health)
  • Drink more water
  • Share with compassion
  • Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be

If you want to be a part of something that gives you the ability to grow as a person, give back to the world, have the best future for you and your family, plus leave a legacy – contact me.  I’d love to find out more about your goals.

Wishing you love, abundance, and wellness.

Insights from my learning today – Friday before the holiday weekend

So I was looking at reviews of my upline leader Jordan Adler’s book Beach Money and the following are insights and takeaways I got from listening:

Always be building and expanding your network.  Meet new people, get their contact info, and find out what they need or are looking for.

At networking events, get a business card from the people you meet and take a photo with them, then send a picture greeting card to them after the event with a short note and provide solutions to their need or a resource for additional information.  Each business card can be worth a minimum of $50 in future business if you keep the relationship going.

Consistency is key.  Numbers don’t lie.

Attendance at company and industry events build belief and confidence.

Be a connector – connect the people you meet with the right tools, resources, or other people and they’ll thank you and remember you.

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. Be authentic, likeable and trustworthy and you’ll attract those who are the right fit for your business.

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The Inside Secret to Why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work!

Some people believe that network marketing really doesn’t
work. To put it lightly, they’re WRONG. I am going to take
the next few minutes to explain to you why network marketing
will always work so that the next time someone takes the
time to tell you that network marketing doesn’t work you
explain to them how misinformed they truly are.

Here is why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work:

Even in a strong economy people will ALWAYS need
supplemental income:

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Count down to Orlando and the No Excuses Summit 6 Figure Workshop

OMG, a little more than 30 days from now…

I’ll be in Orlando, FL with home business industry leaders Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, Raymond Fong and Fernando “Ferny” Ceballos attending the NES 6 Figure Workshop.  This was a great offer put together by Ray & Ferny for No Excuses Summit 4 attendees to commemorate their partnership with Magnetic Sponsoring.

As part of the course, we received a year’s membership in Magnetic Sponsoring’s new 100% commission product, Elite Marketing Pro.  This is awesome, a one-stop shop for everything you need to know to succeed online building your business – no need to buy yet another course.  Everything all in one place, from proven marketers. Continue reading “Count down to Orlando and the No Excuses Summit 6 Figure Workshop” »

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