Video Conversion Formula Workshop – Ticket (check), Air (check)…

So last week I attended Maria Andros’ webinar put on by Magnetic Sponsoring. It was awesome and provided rich content, more on the details later. I’ve been wanting to do more video in my business but something always got in the way just before clicking “upload”.

The offer to participate in the Video Conversion Formula 3 month coaching program and as a bonus for a lucky 20 attend an intimate workshop in Vegas next month to get my own video professionally produced by Maria’s video people was too good to pass up. The saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” – apparently I was ready and there was Maria.

So I typed in my credit card and filling out the getting started survey and then tried to confirm for Vegas. Somehow I couldn’t make the outlined process work so I called the number on the email and left a message. Not 10 minutes later my phone rings and it’s Maria Andros herself calling me back. That’s customer service and a heart for your students!

I want to thank Tim and Andrew at Magnetic Sponsoring for putting on the webinar that connected me with Maria. If y’all don’t know what these guys have to offer check ’em out at Magnetic Sponsoring you’ll get access to a FREE 7 Day Video Bootcamp by industry leader Mike Dillard.

More about what I learned on Maria’s webinar in the next post or maybe I’ll do a video about it.