Partner With Me In Wellness

Great chatting with you. As I mentioned to you in our conversation, I’d be directing you to take a look at some videos that do a good job of highlighting this particular company and more importantly, how you would fit into the picture, should you decide to do so.

I’ll give you some very simple facts that are just that…FACTS.

  • The name of the company is Isagenix.
  • In the 14 years they’ve been business, they’ve done over $4 Billion in Sales, with about half of that being paid to people like you.
  • In the last couple years, the company has grown from $448M, to $725M, to $892M in 2015.
  • Company has produced over 185 millionaires, and there are HUNDREDS of people making over $10,000 a month.
  • We are directly connected to the top people in the company. Our team leaders Susan Sly and her husband Chris are #3 in the company. They have earned more than 12 million, and have helped 28 + earn a million, 6 in the last couple of months.

Those numbers are pretty staggering…and at the very least, would be worthy of looking.

Go here to Watch the overview.

Once you have, give me a call 202-684-8071 to get your questions addressed!

Its time to lock arms with Team Success and experience real Freedom!

Looking forward to partnering with you in wellness.