The secret is in the water…

8 years ago, I was attending an event and one of the organizers decided to fill the pitchers at the back of the room with this special alkaline water.  Me and the rest of the attendees drank the water all day and little did we know.  At the end of the day, I wondered aloud “that’s weird I haven’t had any soda all day (usually I’d drink about a liter), and I’m full of energy and ready to go for dinner, dancing, whatever.”  The guy with the water said, “it’s the water.”  “What do you mean it’s the water?” I asked.  He invited me back to his room – get your minds out of the gutter – to show me the high tech water filtration/ionizing machine that produced the 9.5 pH alkaline water we’d been drinking all day.  “Wow”, I said.  

Fast forward eight years to March 2016.  I stopped drinking soda in March after being diagnosed as a diabetic and was prescribed Metformin by my primary care doc.  So without soda to drink, I started drinking 3 1.5 L bottles of water per day.   After changing this habit and making a commitment to trying healthy choices, walking 3-5+ miles every weekday at lunch, going to water aerobics twice a week, cutting my portion sizes, I started to drop some pounds.  This was good as my weight was at its highest in December 2015.

June 2016, I was FB messaging with a friend and former roomie at an MLSP event.  We asked each other what we were working on and agreed to exchange links to check out each other’s projects.  Before sending her link she asked a question – “Have you heard of alkaline water?”  I replied, “Yes, is it Kangen Water®?” She said “Yes.”  I replied that I’d just been thinking it was time to buy the machine I had first seen 8 years ago, and proceeded to watch the video she sent me and got started.  

The link takes you to the same video I saw when I got started.  If you want to apply to join our team, we are currently in prelaunch and are only accepting fun, dynamic, health-conscious, committed people who are looking to build big long-term and make a significant income selling this innovative patented water technology while more importantly helping people lead longer and healthier lives.

Here are my results (we do not diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease):

  • My A1C went from 7.5 in February to 5.5 in July
  • I dropped 50 lbs of excess weight
  • I have abundant energy
  • My skin is clearer
  • I can now shop in the misses section of the store for the first time since the late 1990s

Now I can’t give the water all the credit for the pounds lost, as I said above I changed my habits and track my activity with a Fitbit.  I also started using a nutritional cleansing system in early June 2016, but that didn’t make the drastic shift in my blood results.

I really hope you decide to join our team.  We need to change our environment so we can change lives for generations.

If you’re in the DC metro area, contact me on Facebook and I’ll give you a free sample of the water so you can experience it for yourself.

Here’s before and after pics.  Note the first photo on the left was taken without my knowledge at the 2016 Marketer’s Cruise.  The picture on the right was taken when I purchased the misses size 16 swimsuit in late June.